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Denis Kabashi

Project Coordinator & Fundraising

In 2015 he finished his bachelor studies "Business Management and Entrepreneurship" at the Staffordshire University.
In 2016 at “Solvay School of Business Economics” he received a Master's degree in "Creativity and Marketing".
In 2016 he worked as a consultant in the field of projects in "Social Karma".
During 2016-2017 he was a trainee at "Flanders Investments and Trade".
Denis worked as a business developer during the period 2013-2019 at "Magnifique DDD", then continued to work as a program development manager within the "Kosovo Disability Forum" from the beginning of 2020 until September 2021.
From 2021 he is part of the Kosovo Center for International Cooperation.
Has completed various trainings in the field of business management, marketing, project management, etc.
Except Albanian, he is fluent in English and Dutch.

Denis Kabashi
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