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Elections Monitoring - Satisfactory

Kosovo Center for International Cooperation has been a trusted partner in the Elections Monitoring in partnership with DiA and KDI. Particularly covering and monitoring the Anamorava Region since 2008.

What our partners had to say for this round of elections:

Regular voting process, and satisfactory observance of anti-covid measures.

According to Democracy in Action (DiA) observers, the voting process until noon is being accompanied by low voter turnout, with the exception of municipalities in the north of the country, where the average turnout is 3 times higher compared to municipalities. others.

So far, a satisfactory level of observance of anti-covid measures by commissioners (𝟕𝟑%) and citizens attending polling stations has been reported (𝟕1%).

Difficulties in finding a name on the Voters' List are also expressed in these elections. To date, in more than 1/3 of polling stations nationwide, 1 to 10 cases have been reported where citizens have not found their name on the Voters' List.

Even in terms of assisted voting, this phenomenon is encountered in about 𝟕𝟑% of polling stations, but the number of cases is within normal trends (1-10 cases). Cases of unauthorized assistance have been reported so far.

Observers did not report any cases of voter pressure and did not note the presence of senior political officials at polling stations.

It is worth mentioning that this process is also characterized by high media coverage.

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