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About us

Kosovo Center for International Cooperation (KCIC) was established in 2001, then on the 8th of January 2002 it was officially registered with number: 51011813.

Initially, the mission of the organization was to create sustainable peace in Kosovo by connecting youth from all communities of Kosovo to implement joint projects and thus to overcome barriers created by the past.


Since 2004, the organization has transformed its mission, from this period, the mission of the organization is to increase civic activism, strengthen the sense of community, promote responsible governance, as well as the support and development of local, national and international initiatives for the development of human resources in Kosovo and in particular the youth of Kosovo.

The main objective of the organization's projects is the youth of Kosovo, regardless of nationality, religion, race, etc., Thus the organization has defined programs through which aims to achieve its mission.

Organization’s programs are:

  • Democratization of society by monitoring / advocating to governing institutions;

  •  Informal education of citizens, in particular the education of youth in job creation field;

  • Strengthening Civil Society and Networking - with similar organizations in order to implement projects that affect the mission of the organization;

  • Cross-border and international cooperation.

So far the organization has implemented a large number of projects (over 57), as leader, but also as partner of other organizations from Kosovo and international organizations. These projects are almost entirely funded by international organizations / donors operating in Kosovo and outside of Kosovo.

Kosovo Center for International Cooperation (KCIC) continues to be active in implementing its projects or as a partner of other organizations.

Kosovo Center For International Cooperation is part of the Non-Governmental Organisation “Democracy in Action”, which support the promotion of free election as  the most essential piece of a democratic society.

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The clearest way to show what the rule of law means to us in 

everyday life is to recall what has happened when there

is no rule of law ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

Our Mission

Our purpose

To provide space, environment and conditions for the promotion of multiethnic cooperation, the establishment of lasting links between different ethnic groups of young people and individuals and also to contribute to the long-term stabilization of the situation and the rapprochement of Kosovo's minorities by a strong voice of tolerant youth developing joint multiethnic activities.

Business Team

Areas in which we operate in

Culture, Reconstruction, Social Development, Environmental Protection, Organizational Development, Education / Training, Health, Culture

We are ready for new collaborators!

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